Presenting POSTWAX

Blues Funeral Recordings proudly announces PostWax, a curated, year-long series of exclusive limited edition records from some of the best stoner metal, doom and heavy psych bands on the planet, sent straight to your door.

A little history behind the project:

When we founded the heavy rock label MeteorCity 20 years ago, all we wanted was to release bands that we absolutely needed the world to hear.

We had an amazing run of iconic records from Unida (with John Garcia), Spirit Caravan, Lowrider, The Atomic Bitchwax, Truckfighters, Dozer, The Obsessed, Nebula, Blind Dog, and Solace, to give you an idea.

We're still in the heavy music scene today, but we're also music fans first and foremost.

That's where the idea for PostWax came from.

There’s so much great music out there, so many amazing records from phenomenal bands coming out all the time, that no matter how dedicated you are, it's hard to keep up.

We started thinking of how awesome it would be if there was a curated, subscription-style series of mindblowing releases from some of the best stoner rock, doom, and heavy psychedelic bands on the planet - records that diehard fans like us are basically guaranteed to love.

We couldn't find one... so we decided to create it.

That’s PostWax.

PostWax is a year-long series of exclusive limited edition one-off records from some of the best heavy bands anywhere making music specifically for fans.

Some bands you’ll know, others might be among your new favorites even if you haven't heard them yet.

But they all hit that sweet spot of riffs, power, tone and groove that we cannot get enough of.

Which bands?

PostWax Year One is launching with new music from Elder.  Enough said.

We’ll also have new music from monolithic doomsters Domkraft, featuring, believe it or not, Mark Lanegan (of Screaming Trees and Queens of the Stone Age).

If you were at Roadburn this year, maybe you saw the crushing set from Spotlights... they'll have a PostWax release in 2019.

And, finally, all-new music from the originators of the Swedish desert rock sound:  Lowrider.

Those are just some of the bands who'll be part of the first year of PostWax.



Your PostWax subscription includes 7 killer records sent directly to you during 2019, beginning with the Elder release (shipping in Feb/March).

New mailings follow approximately every other month, culminating with your final record of the year in December.

By "records," we mean 12-inch vinyl releases containing whatever music these artists want to include.

A PostWax release might contain a 5-song EP, another a 9-song experimental full-length, and another might have two 18-minute songs, one on each side.

We trust these bands to deliver amazing music, so we've left it entirely up to them. We really have no idea exactly what they'll do - we just know that each record will contain a cohesive batch of killer new music that the band themselves are stoked about, which makes us stoked to share it with you.

PostWax releases will also be indescribably cool packages... there's no way to say it except that you’ve never seen records like these.  We're talking about:

  •     Next-level, futuristic, archival-quality sleeve design
  •     Hand-crafted artwork by internationally renowned artist Max Loeffler
  •     Behind-the-scenes liner notes by J.J. Koczan from The Obelisk
  •     A collector’s slipcase to house the entire year of releases
  •     Secret bonus goodies including an exclusive member patch

It's really going to be something special.

And the only way to get this exclusive series is to subscribe.

The PostWax series will be produced in a limited quantity, which means people won't be able to just join whenever they like during the year - once we reach our maximum subscriber ceiling for the year, that's it.  Which means...

Only those who get in at the beginning are guaranteed to get in at all.

Subscribe to PostWax now through one of our three payment options, including 3-month and 6-month payment models... they're perfect if you're a huge fan (like us), or maybe for that heavy vinyl fan in your life that you need the perfect holiday gift for.

Whoever it’s for (even if that's you) will be blown away.

Get on board and subscribe to PostWax... it's gonna be one hell of a trip in 2019.

Final Note:  In an era when music and arts programs are being increasingly eliminated by school budget cuts and kids are learning about music from Kidzbop and Tik Tok, we want to help make sure kids have the chance to learn how to play and write real rock music on real instruments, the way they're supposed to.

With that in mind, a chunk of the profits generated by PostWax will be donated to support youth music education programs.  There's nothing extra you need to spend or do, just know that part of the cost of your subscription will go toward this important cause that we really believe in.