It's All Happening!

Happy belated new year!  

To begin, if you're a PostWax subscriber who joined via our Kickstarter, our website or Bandcamp, thank you again SO MUCH!

The fact that you jumped on board right from the beginning with no music to hear, no art or design to see, and basically just the promise that what we're doing is going to be amazing, really makes us feel great about your faith and enthusiasm in what we're doing...

And that's only driving us to work even harder to deliver you something truly phenomenal!

So where are things at?  Let's see...

First off, the PostWax recordings from ELDER were completed.  Titled The Silver and Gold Sessions, the master music was sent off for vinyl test pressings before the holidays.

Which means, for those who've signed up, your first PostWax records are already in the beginning stages of production!

Furthermore, thanks to the brilliance of artist Max Loeffler, the cover art for this record has also been finished. 

Max's style brings something utterly unique to PostWax, and we can't for you to see what he produced.  To get an idea of some of what he does, though, you can certainly visit his website here (and get ready to have your mind blown).

But that's not all!

DAXMA and BESVARJELSEN have both finished recording the songs for their PostWax releases as well.  DAXMA is in the "final tweaking" stage of mastering, and BESVARJELSEN expects to finish mixing in the coming week or so.  

And from what we've heard so far on both fronts... WOW.  Seriously.

And then, maybe the most highly-anticipated part of PostWax this year, we're beyond stoked to let you know that LOWRIDER has been in the studio and begun their recordings. 

Let's just sit with that for a second.

A LOT of us have been waiting for new material from this band for what feels like an eternity, so it's almost impossible to describe what we're feeling to know that at long last, these guys have begun laying down new music, finally.  

There's tons more going on behind the scenes to pull all the various pieces together, because (as you know), this is intended to be more than just a handful of cool records.  We want this to be something unparalleled on a musical, artistic, and design front, and the bottom line is, everything is moving and it's all happening!  

We hope to have another production update within a few weeks, and those of you who backed this project through the Kickstarter should have received a request to provide your mailing details.  If you didn't, let us know and we'll check on things, but don't worry, you'll be hearing from us plenty between now and the time when mailouts start, so there's still plenty of time to make sure we know where to send your goodies.

If you happen to be reading this and haven't taken the leap to sign up for PostWax yet, you can still do so on this site or via our Bandcamp, with single payment as well as 3-month or 6-month payment plans available here to spread things out in a manageable fashion.

Oh, and yes, for those who've been keeping track, there's still one final band announcement yet to come!

We're in what are (we hope) the final discussions on that front, so it shouldn't be long before we can finally reveal the 7th artist that PostWax subscribers will be getting an exclusive release from in 2019.  

Prepare yourselves... it's gonna be a big one!

Again, we are so grateful and excited to have you all with us, and rest assured that everything is on track to bring you a powerful and boundary-pushing package of killer music and art this year.  

If you still have questions, you can always contact us at and we'll do our best to help you out.

And if you have friends who are still thinking this over and didn't realize it wasn't too late, we hope you'll encourage them to get on board and be part of PostWax Year One with you!

More soon - keep it heavy!