UK / EURO ORDERS: HOWLING GIANT "The Space Between Worlds" Limited Digipak CD


UK / EURO ORDERS: HOWLING GIANT "The Space Between Worlds" Limited Digipak CD

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Release Date:  September 27, 2019

    The Space Between Worlds is a concept album that follows the story of a huntress who travels the infinite metaphysical worlds brought into being by the dreams of humankind. In these realms, she encounters a dream eater which threatens to unravel the fabric of reality by devouring dreamers and destroying the dimensional gateways.

    With the addition of new bassist Sebastian Baltes (son of longtime ACCEPT bassist Peter Baltes), the band has expanded its already impressive vocal harmony approach with the addition of a third voice. Friend of the band Drew Harakal adds extra sonic textures to the album with his organ and synth skills. And Jason Shi of ASG appears with a guest vocal cameo on the track Ice Castle.

    Highlighting the band's tremendous musical prowess and versatility, The Space Between Worlds is a warp trail of heavy rock and roll so weird it can only be called progressive, giving space to every sonic weapon in Howling Giant's arsenal, and all bound by the album's central concept and the members' towering musicianship.

    Howling Giant is:
    Sebastian Baltes – Bass/Vocals
    Tom Polzine – Guitar/Vocals
    Zach Wheeler – Drums/Vocals

    Additional Musicians:
    Drew David Harakal II–Organ/Piano/Synths
    Jason Shi – Additional Lead Vocals on track 5
    Kevin “Big Business” Dempsey – Bass on tracks 1, 5, and 7

    Engineered and mixed by Kim Wheeler
    Mastered by Dave Shirk and Ryan Butler at Sonorous Mastering
    Cover Art by Lindsey Camelio
    Gatefold Art by Sue Davies