US PREORDERS: delving - All Paths Diverge Deluxe Vinyl Editions

US PREORDERS: delving - All Paths Diverge Deluxe Vinyl Editions

$32.00 was

Release Date:  August 23, 2024
Extremely rare test pressing on black vinyl w/handmade screen-printed cover insert

Limited Sunburst Edition pressed on orange and white splatter double vinyl!
Turquoise Sky Edition pressed on dazzling sky blue double vinyl!

Note: These records ship from Brooklyn NY, and shipping costs are calculated for shipping to destinations in North America.


Founded by Elder frontman and multi-instrumentalist Nicholas DiSalvo, DELVING is a progressive entity created to express and explore musical ideas that don't quite fit Elder's main paradigm.  With a heavy focus on psychedelic rock, krautrock, early electronic music and ambient sounds, delving still showcases the evocative melodies and distinctive songcraft that are Elder's trademarks, just in a more expansive way.

A subtle rebuff to the adage "all roads lead to Rome," new album All Paths Diverge is DELVING's assertion that change is inevitable and nothing is set in stone, and finds the band sweeping through exploratory passages that feel nostalgic yet new, and reflect the searching nature of DiSalvo's creativity in a melting mirror of what Elder has established.