US ORDERS: LORD BUFFALO "Tohu Wa Bohu" Limited Edition Digipak CD


US ORDERS: LORD BUFFALO "Tohu Wa Bohu" Limited Edition Digipak CD

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Lord Buffalo create somber, crashy, ghost-town Americana for fans of Woven Hand, Dead Meadow and Russian Circles on new album Tohu Wa Bohu, thick with captivating intensity and brooding heaviness of the soul.

America’s vast ocean of rolling prairie, brutal in its rhythmic repetition and sameness, can be unsettling to take in. The plains force a communion with the open sky, the endless landscape turning one’s eye inward.

Lord Buffalo’s second LP is just that: the outward gaze forced inward, where the unknowable lingers on the blurred horizon between land, sky and mind.

Imagine the haunted sensibility of artists like Chelsea Wolfe, David Eugene Edwards (Woven Hand, 16 Horsepower) and Ian Astbury (The Cult) fused with the spacious, expansive psychedelics of Dead Meadow and All Them Witches.

Tohu Wa Bohu is a heavy/quiet record that plays across genres, taking cues equally from Morricone and Badalementi as Sabbath and Swans. In sum, its thirty-nine minutes form a continuous movement, a ride through open plains and melancholic midwestern imagery under a storm-threatening sky.